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Our Staff

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A highly qualified staff dedicated to the youth in camp is truly the heart of our program. Every staff member plays a role in the success of our program, including Program Staff, Health Staff, Support Staff, and Administration.

The most vital member of this team is the Cabin Leader. This position is the key to a camper having a successful experience, and hinges on the camper being welcomed into the program with a sense of belonging, a sense of feeling appreciated, and a sense of being respected. The Cabin Leader's primary duty is to make a child feel safe and at ease, with secondary duties - equally important - of creating a cabin family, positive environment, and encouraging responsibility and independence. All of our Cabin Leader's instruct activity areas of their interest.

We seek staff who are experienced and trained in the field of youth development and education. Many members of our leadership team work in school systems or afterschool programs. Most of our staff is studying to build a career in education or other youth-oriented fields. All staff complete a training prior to the camp season that includes topics such as:

  • Safety and Emergency Procedures
  • Creating a Welcoming Environment
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lifeguarding
  • Program Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Building Confidence, Healthy Friendships and Positive Environments
Please contact our office at 530-300-8261 if you have any questions about employment at Camp Rockin' U.

Meet our staff

Camp Director

Darby Johnson

Darby Johnson has worked at Camp Rockin' U for 13 seasons: 1 as a Cabin Counselor, 6 as Program Director, and she's been Rockin' U's Camp Director for the past 6 years. Darby gained a love for the great outdoors as a child, where she spent many summers camping, hiking and fishing with her family in Utah's Boulder and Uintah Mountains. She studied in the Parks, Recreation and Tourism Program at the University of Utah, with an emphasis in Adventure and Outdoor Programming. She also gained a love of working with people, especially children, when she spent 18 months volunteering in remote locations throughout the many beautiful islands of the Philippines. Darby is passionate about teaching kids a love for nature, helping them master new skills, encouraging them to gain more confidence in themselves' and making sure they have a blast doing it. She's committed to making sure everyone who comes to Camp Rockin' U has an amazing, unforgettable experience.

Assistant Camp Director


Bio Coming Soon!

Program Director

Little Bear

Little Bear has been playing at Camp Rockin’ U through various roles since the summer of 2007. LB is excited to share his passion for playing, growing, learning, failing, and thriving in the Camp Rockin’ U community. He believes in keeping safe environments for children to learn in; all the while, providing them the opportunity to explore, find their own path and place in their social environments, and have a camp of a good time. LB has a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation Administration, has worked with The National Outdoor Leadership School and Outward Bound High Sierra, holds a Wilderness First Responder Certification and is currently working as a Shady Creek Naturalist. He enjoys playing, crafting, gaming, running, climbing, and hibernating. He is excited to see you this summer!

Head Counselor


Zenon is our head counselor and has been a part of the CRU family for 7 years, 3 as a camper and 4 as a staff member. As a prior foster youth, she understands the importance of the camp experience to kids in the system so she is extremely passionate about making sure the vision of Camp Rockin U’ is enacted ten fold. Her hobbies include singing, poetry, and disappointing her peers with corny jokes .

Program Staff


Scuttle grew up at Camp Rockin U. From the very first day she has been part of camp, first as a camper, then a CIT, followed by a Cabin Leader, and is now sharing all her experience and passion for camp as part of our Program Team. During the off season she is active in the FFA, competes in multiple speaking competitions, volunteers at many community service events and is working towards her State FFA degree. Scuttle brings enthusiasm, creativity, her love of camp, and a drive to provide campers with the same defining moments she experienced as a camper to the program staff in hopes of enhancing the already marvelous adventure of Camp Rockin U.


Astrid join the CRU family in 2015 as a C.I.T. She has truly flourished at Camp over the past 4 summers and brings a desire to help campers have the best week of their lives. She is eager to help Camp Rockin' U's family grow and stay connected through social media and our new communication platform, Bunk1. She is dedicated and always willing to do what it takes to ensure that all our campers stay safe and have fun!

Waterfront Director


Kaolin started at Camp Rockin U in 2011 as a camper and has loved Camp more each year. Camp is where Kaolin found her love of the water, nature, and her passion for helping others. After spending one year in the CIT program and another as part of Camp Rockin U’s staff, Kaolin will be coming back as Waterfront Director. She is dedicated to ensuring the camper’s safety and enjoyment at the Waterfront.

C.I.T. Director


Piglet started at Camp Rockin' U in the summer of 2014. During her time here she has spent two years on staff and three years as the C.I.T. Director. Outside of camp, Piglet is studying at Sonoma State University to become a high school English teacher. Piglet is dedicated and excited for the summer ahead.