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If this is your first time at Camp Rockin' U, welcome! If you've camped with us before, welcome back! This page is dedicated to all our campers and the fun they bring us. For some, camp is an exciting opportunity that campers eagerly await. For others, camp is something they want to do, but it also causes a lot of anxiety. Hopefully we can help all campers get ready for the most amazing summer ever!

Everything that happens at camp is a part of your camp experience. Because we want you to have the best camp adventure of your life, you will have the chance to direct the majority of your time at camp. You will have opportunities to choose many different activities and learning experiences. At Camp Rockin' U we want you to have a great time while trying new things

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Activities offered:

Land Camptivities

Camp Rockin' U sits on 70 acres. With all of that space, land activities are extremely popular. From our huge sports field to our night hike meadow, we have land activities for every camper.

Some of our land camptivities include:

  • Cruising through camp on our Segways
  • Testing your aim at our Archery and Pellet Gun ranges
  • Using your strength to conquer our new Climbing wall
  • Building teamwork while playing traditional sports such as:
    • Soccer
    • Basketball
    • Sand Volleyball
    • Softball
  • Mastering non-traditional games such as:
    • Wolf Pack
    • Alaskan Baseball
    • Amoeba Tag
    • Giants, Wizards, and Elves
    • Steal the Bacon &
    • Capture the Flag

Water Camptivities

The waterfront at Rockin' U is packed full of fun for all levels of water lovers. Whether you and a friend want to explore the shores of Lake Francis, or just do a little fishing, Rockin' U has the vessel for you. We have a swimming pool TOO!

Some of our waterfront camptivities include:

  • Submerging in a refreshing dip at our pool or lake
  • Practicing your balance and rowing skills as you master our Canoes, Kayaks, and Paddle Boards
  • Navigating the lake at your own speed with a friend in one of our Paddle Boats
  • Casting out to catch a Fish
  • Taking a wet and wild ride down our giant Slip N Slide
  • Getting soaked while playing some of our many Water Games:
    • Drip Drip Splash
    • Sponge Relay
    • T-Shirt Freeze
    • Wet Wiffle Ball &
    • Tank

Creative Camptivities

For those campers who want to explore their creative side, Camp Rockin' U has the perfect setup. From our arts and crafts pavilion to our nature classes, campers have the opportunity to explore and learn new things.

Some of our Creative Camptivities include:

  • Twisting out your very own Tie-Dye
  • Putting hammer to wood and building your own Bird House
  • Experiencing the art of cooking in the great outdoors
  • Boggling your mind with Weird Science
  • Studying new ways of Surviving in the wilderness
  • Showing off your great Dance moves
  • Starring on stage for Drama
  • Exploring one of our Hiking trails &
  • Learning the time honored lesson in Friendship Bracelet Making


Learn more at the Lake Francis Resort website